Mefore Aday

Mixed Media Artist, aka Mary Aday
b. Tupelo, Mississippi 1985  



Posted on December 20, 2016 at 8:55 PM


In 6th grade, my Diddy (Dad) moved us away from our big family in the woods to a central-heat and air apartment in Mississippi where he could attain Social Security Disability because of his epilepsy. This was to be first stable income besides Food Stamps that my family was getting since I was born.


I love the anonymity of being the new kid.

I quickly made new friends, my first friends that I was not related to.


This is when I got my first skateboard.

I technically stole it. I borrowed it from one of my new friends, but never gave it back.

Her mom bought it from Wal-mart for like $10 and it was a piece of Chinese plastic crap not worth describing.

But at 12 we loved sitting on it and bombing down her street.

She let me borrow it because she didn't play with it, unless I was there.

I really wanted to learn to stand on it and go fast, that was it.


That was my start.

We lived in Government Subsidized Apartments and it had a basketball court.

I would walk the skateboard down to the smooth Basketball court and go around in circles for hours by myself.


In rural Mississippi in 1998, skateboarding wasn't "normal" kid stuff, and definitely not a normal Southern Belle activity.

I was 13 at this time and I did not meet another girl with a skateboard until I was 20 when I moved out West to Oregon.

The only thing I really saw about skateboarding at this time was on the Disney channel.

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