Mefore Aday

Mixed Media Artist, aka Mary Aday
b. Tupelo, Mississippi 1985  


Being Brave while all unravels around me.

Posted on February 6, 2015 at 2:00 AM

On a Roller Coaster of excitement and changes in life!  I will admit my stress levels have increased a little. I have been chugging along getting work done for the upcoming shows and then BOOM! Life suprises me with a new job and relocating with my husband. I am moving out of my house and my studio of five years. My home and my life on the Oregon Coast is coming to a bittersweet end. I will be moving to the Columbia River Gorge in a couple of months. My husband has already started his new job in White Salmon, Washington. I wasn't too stressed about this upcoming show in March. I thought, "Finally, I feel like I am caught up with everything!" And then the universe decided to throw this thick blanket of stress over my whole life. By giving my  husband this new opportunity. Moving is something that I have not done is so long, I am afraid that I am not good at it. I am looking at everything around me and stressing about having to pack it and move it or worse, get rid of it!!! I hate that! Or moving all my Art!!!!  I honestly settled into the idea that I was going to stay in this amazing spot for the rest of my life. I just assumed that because I love the ocean so much that I will live next to it for the rest of my life. But alas, I am not one to turn down new experiences. I have never lived where Mountain peaks tower over me. I will be living on the Columbia River, the US's second largest river. Only surpassed by the Mississippi, of which I have also lived on. 

I have been a part of a small coastal community for my entire adult life. I will miss everything about it. Especially the salty stuff.

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